Eye Care Hospital

Eye Care Hospital

Well, the eyes are considered to be the most delicate and sensitive part of the entire body. Even a slight injury to it can result in permanent blindness. Injuries can tend to be mild, but if ignored or uncatered might result in severe consequences. A survey was conducted by the WHO, it was found that out of 55 million eye injuries, approximately 1.6 million go blind. These injuries can cause restrictions in daily activities. We  Eye Injuries Hospital Hyderabad, suggest that one must not neglect even a minor scratch on the eye, because even the slightest wound can result in severe consequences. Whether you have dry eyes or got some injury on the eye area, expert care is needed, do not apply aunty home remedies, it can further increase the damage, rather treatment from a doctor can cure it or manage it.


At Eye Care Centers Hyderabad, our doctor is an acclaimed retina expert, who has the requisite medical expertise to handle trauma cases. Treating eye injuries or trauma management all can be handled with the collaboration of team efforts. After treating the eye wound for 6 days, the patient needs to be catered to at the trauma center. At our place, whether you are coming for any sort of injury like, blows to the eye, cuts, scratches, injury due to fireworks, chemical burns or even if any foreign particle is troubling your eye, you can rely on our treatment, that is right and required.


Here we are ready to handle any ocular emergencies, like strokes to the eye or detached retina that are acutely painful for patients. Whether it’s cornea-related, oculoplastic, or damaged retina we provide extensive care so that damage to the eye can be controlled. We have patient stories to make you believe we provide the best eye treatment in the town. We understand the value of vision and the need for the right treatment for the patients because even the wrong treatment can cause blindness or further severe the case. We recommend you should immediately seek medical help when you feel pain, redness, or swelling in your eyes. Especially when you are hit in the eye or punctured or some foreign object entered your eye. Some injuries will cause serious damage and lead to permanent blindness.


So at Eye Injuries Hospital Hyderabad, you can come for a routine eye test or for any unfortunate eye injury, where a critical surgical intervention is needed. From eye check-ups to the holistic treatment for your eyes, you need to trust the process followed at our clinic, we follow international medical norms and procedures. We have a record of successful Laser surgeries, Lasik, Reflex Simile, and Contura for refraction correction. Sometimes these injuries can be dangerous, eye injuries can result in swelling, redness, or even pain. Some people also see some abnormal symptoms like flashes of light or changes in vision. Serious injuries can lead to permanent problems like vision loss.


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