Brain Tumor Hospital

Brain Tumor Hospital

Well, Brain Tumor happens due to abnormal growth of the cells, due to this unnecessary increase, it causes pressure. These enlarged cells exert pressure in the normal brain tissues and vital nerves inside skulls and lead to many evident symptoms and signs. All these are dependent on the location, type, and degree of the tumor. There are three types of tumor, one is Benign Tumor, Malignant Tumor, and Pre Malignant Tumor.


At Brain Tumor Hospital Hyderabad, we can manage all three types:

Benign Tumor – this type of brain tumor is non-cancerous, less aggressive, and slow-growing.

Malignant Tumor – this can lead to cancer, grows at a faster rate, and is acutely aggressive.

Pre Malignant Tumor – this is the combination of both of the above-mentioned types, where the cells are not yet cancerous, but they have the potential to become malignant. Symptoms of a brain tumor are usually related to its location rather than its size. Symptoms develop when the tumor destroys or compresses normal brain tissue. Either the tissues around the tumor swell or the tumor interferes with the normal flow of fluid around the brain and spinal cord.


There are some kinds of tumors found, namely Schwannomas, Meningiomas, Pituitary acoustic neuromas, Adenomas, Gliomas. Any tumor can be metastatic, which means it’s like the secondary spread from cancer elsewhere in the body.


The causes of this respective concern are still unknown, some researchers say it to be due to genetic mutations. Here at Brain Tumor Hospital Hyderabad, we aspire to provide the best treatment which can be decided after undergoing the PET scan, to understand the grade and condition of the tumor, by this test, the doctor would come to know about the size and exact spread of the brain tumor. Other tests include CT scan and MRI scan which can identify if a tumor is highly vascular that is crossing the important blood vessel, called an angiogram.


There are some common symptoms of the brain tumor, found in patients around the world, it includes vomiting, blurring of vision, headaches, facial paralysis, limb weakness, or weakness in any part of the body. Symptoms can vary in different age groups, like seizures in the children can be excessively irritable, can cause retaliation towards eating food, and being annoyed.


We have patient stories, who got their brain tumors treated from us, though there is no certain treatment to it, the doctor here is having the requisite medical experience to control the further spread of the tumor and manage it. The lack of new treatment options for aggressive brain tumors requires a bold approach to rapidly identify new, effective therapies that will increase life expectancy and contribute to a cure. Our team of brain tumor experts has compiled everything you need to know about our clinical trials, including the rationale behind the novel drugs and devices we’re investigating as well as some of the initial results we’re seeing in brain cancer patients.


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