Proximal Spinal Muscular Atrophy Hyderabad

Adult Proximal Spinal Muscular Atrophy Treatment Hyderabad

The inherited neuromuscular disease proximal spinal muscular atrophy is the cause of the weakening of the muscle and wastes them away. People suffering from SMA lose motor neuron cells in the spinal cord which control the movement of the muscles. Motor neuron cells receive the signal and that helps the muscles to move in the body if they are loose and not responding with their proper control that creates problems for the individuals and is denoted as a disease. With this disorder, the muscles become weaker and smaller because of the lack of utilization. It is a rare disease that is commonly found in adults as they are the maximum number of patients for this disease in hospitals. As this is an inherited disease a person suffering from this disease gets one gene from the mother and the second gene from the father that is missing or the faulted gene which creates these issues in the body of the patient by which they have to suffer from this ailment. However, Adult Proximal Spinal Muscular Atrophy Treatment Hyderabad is there for your help so that you can get the benefit of the treatment and get well soon from this disease.



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An adult can have one defective gene that can cause this spinal muscular atrophy. There are four different types of spinal muscular atrophy the first one is severe, the second is intermediate, the third- mild, and the fourth is adult. The appearance of this type does not exist till the mid-40s of the age of the individuals. The process of the muscle’s weakness is slow, subsequently, the people with this type can walk from here and there and live to the fullest. The results that come after this disease are served though it is a slow process it damages motor neurons as they firstly shrink and afterward, they die which causes problems for the person with its contraction as the brain stops responding to the movement of the neck, head, arms, and legs. Their motion stops because of the damaged motor neurons. Our doctor can identify the required symptoms from which it can be determined that the person is abiding by the pain of the problem that has been transferred to him from their genetics and needs to be solved so that the damage should not be suffered by them. 


Stem cell therapy is provided to the patients for the Adult Proximal Spinal Muscular Atrophy Treatment Hyderabad so that you can get relief from the disease and that is too affordable for every individual with the free consultation fee. These stem cells repair the body as it helps to repair, replenish, and regenerate the damaged areas of the as it has healing power properties. We are having the ability to provide you the stem cell therapy which is helpful for the patients as well as it is affordable to them so every individual can get the benefit of the treatment provided by us at our hospital.

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