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    July 13, 2022

Endometriosis Treatment In Hyderabad : Dr VELS

Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue lining the uterus grows outside the uterus which can cause menstrual irregularities. Endometriosis Treatment In Hyderabad has specialists who can help you live healthy again treating various symptoms associated with the diseases. We provide extensive expertise when it comes to degenerative disorders.

The reason or the cause behind endometriosis is still unknown. Thus the treatments are symptomatic treatment based on the various tests that are performed in order to analyse them. Although there are many theories associated with endometriosis and the common is reverse menstruation. This theory states that some of the tissue during menstruation gets attached to the fallopian tubes causing a lot of pain during menstruation.Endometriosis Treatment In Hyderabad using cutting-edge technology to reach a conclusion. Whatever can be the cause, we suggest treatments on the basis of symptoms. Although the first treatment involved prescribing over the counter drugs to treat the various symptoms. Another way of dealing with it hormonal therapy which is given to the patients by the specialists of PCOS Treatment Hospital In Hyderabad. Supplemental hormones are given to the patient in order to reduce the impact of progression of endometriosis. And this therapy helps you to manage the hormones which may go for a toss during your menstrual cycle. Sometimes various agonists and antagonists are given to block the production of estrogen which may further stimulate the ovaries. Estrogen is a hormone that is responsible for giving the sexual characteristics in a female at the time of birth. And this when we try to block it production we are trying for artificial menopause as endometriosis is only present when the women are in the reproductive age. At PCOS Treatment Hospital In Hyderabad we specialise in the treatment of PCOS as well as Endometriosis and provide healthy life to the women during their reproductive age.

The major symptoms include fatigue, constipation, diarrhoea and even nausea during the menstruation days. This disorder often makes the menstrual cramps unbearable resulting in severe pain and heavy blood flow during the discharge. The specialists at PCOS Treatment Hospital In Hyderabad have seen worst-case scenarios in which endometriosis or PCOS has led to infertility in many women. If left untreated for a longer period of time it may result in growth of cancer cells. Endometriosis can be the major cause of ovarian cysts commonly referred to as PCOS Treatment Hospital In Hyderabad. To detect and confirm if it is endometriosis, laparoscopy needs to be performed, which is minor surgical treatment. In this the doctor collects the samples of the abdominal tissue which are then tested.

At Endometriosis Treatment In Hyderabad we provide various hormonal treatments as well which might be one of the reasons for this disorder. Although there is no absolute cure for this disorder, our team of experts recommend medicines based on the kind of symptoms. It can be a major cause of infertility and thus if that is the case our doctors at PCOS Treatment Hospital In Hyderabad suggest treatment for the same. Be it painful menstruation or irregular periods our experts will help you treat them all. Sometimes during laparoscopy, endometrial lesions can be cut away using laser. But this won’t be possible if it has reached an advanced stage. Sometimes medicine is given for the severe pain so that it can be managed during generation. Many patients at PCOS Treatment Hospital In Hyderabad have seen relief in pain after removal of endometriosis. As it is said that PCOS can’t be completely cured but can’t be managed by taking hormonal supplements and making changes in the lifestyle. The symptoms of PCOS may vary from endometriosis like excessive hair growth on the face of a female, absence of menstrual cycle, acne and even sometimes lead to obesity. . During endometriosis the menstruation flow is heavy but PCOS can result in no menstruation. Women during their reproductive age need to be very careful regarding their menstrual health. Check for the symptoms and get treated as soon as possible. Our specialists along with our nutritionists suggest various lifestyle changes which can help a woman manage the symptoms of this disorder.

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